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in Invisalign

Our office will soon be adding Invisalign to our list of services. Both Dr. Eckdahl & Dr. Geary have had proper training and certifications to become Invisalign providers.  We firming believe in proper case selection for Invisalign. Not every patient is a perfect fit for this type of orthodontics. Certain patients will be referred to a local orthodontist when extensive treatment is needed. 

Invisalign Therapy Is Able To Provide:

* Better Esthetics During Treatment- Unlike bulky brackets, the Invisalign clear retainers are virtually impossible to see in every day life. Feel confident smiling while fixing your teeth.

* Provides Grinding Protection- Your Invisalign trays will act as a night/day guard. This will protect the integrity of your teeth and ensure your smile stays bright and youthful for years to come. 

* Improved Access for Oral Hygiene- Unlike traditional bracket orthodontics, Invisalign’s clear trays allow for easy flossing and home care. 

Proper home care is very important when going through Invisalign therapy. Routine cleaning appointments will help reduce the risk of complications during treatment. 

Invisalign uses multiple sets of clear trays to gradually move your teeth into an ideal position. Our doctors will design your smile with Invisalign’s state of the art technology after a consultation and records appointment. Once your trays have been fabricated your first treatment appointment will be scheduled. 

At this visit our doctors may place “buttons” or “attachments” onto your teeth. These are clear, bonded resin balls on certain teeth. The attachments help ensure your trays have a snug fit and allows the tray to pull the teeth in the desired direction. 

You will be given instructions on how often to change to the next tray and how frequently you should come visit for a fit check. 

When your treatment is done your resin attachments will be easily removed with a polisher and your smile will be ready to share with the world!

Please call our office with any further questions you may have.