Our Dental Technology

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Dr. Eckdahl & Dr. Geary believe that staying up to date on the latest technology is key to providing the best dental care. Before any new technology is added to our office thorough research is done to ensure it will enhance our ability to treat Milwaukee’s dental needs. 

Technology comes in all sizes, from large digital x ray machines to upgrades in our dental materials. You can be confident that all aspects of your dental care are being done with the best dental research in mind. 

Digital Radiography

We use the latest digital x ray technology. There are many added benefits to digital radiography compared to film x rays. 

* Superior Clarity For Early Diagnosis: Digital x-rays allow our doctors to detect cavities early, before they become painful. By treating teeth early before symptoms the chances of needing a root canal are greatly reduced. Digital x-rays also allows us to enhance, lighten, darken and zoom in on specific areas. These editing abilities have taken any guess work out of our diagnosis process.  

*Lowest Radiation Exposure: By using digital x-rays we are able to reduce radiation exposure 85% compared to film x-rays. Eating a couple of bananas or flying on an airplane will have greater radiation exposure than our dental x rays. 

* Environmentally Friendly: Since our x-rays are digital, we no longer have to use hash chemicals to develop x-rays. We are also able to cut back on our waste and keep our landfills spacious!

*Faster Results: We no longer have to develop x-rays in a dark room and within seconds they show on our computer monitors. This allows us to diagnosis issues on the spot and most importantly it allows us to show you the areas of concern. 


Intraoral Photography

Sometimes it can be hard as a patient to look at an x-ray and really understand the condition of a tooth. This is why Dr. Eckdahl & Dr. Geary have added intraoral photography to our practice. We have multiple cameras available which makes it quick and easy to show any tooth on our computer monitors. We love being able to explain in detail where decay, chips, fractures and cracks are present, and what needs to be done to correct these conditions.