Pediatric Dentistry

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Treating Children

We know how hard it can be to balance a busy family schedule and to make sure everyone gets their dental appointments made. Instead of having to juggle seeing a different dentist for your children, we have developed our office into an all-inclusive, one stop location for all of your families dental needs. We have multiple dental hygienists working at a time, meaning we can see you and your children at the same time.

Dr. Eckdahl & Dr. Geary have extensive training treating children. Dr. Geary actually has been a professor at Marquette Dental School for over 30 years in the pediatric department.  His expertise has shaped our office into a premier dental location in Milwaukee for children. 

Please give our office a call to schedule your child’s first visit. We will be sure to give you information on your child’s specific needs, tooth development and oral hygiene needs. 

When Should Your Child See A Dentist?

In accordance with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend your child see the dentist at age one. While this may seem early, it is important for children to be exposed to a dental setting at a young age so they are comfortable here as they grow. We want our office to be your dental home, a place of comfort and love for your whole family. This feeling of safety is best established early and can be the founding for healthy teeth into the future!

Our Pediatric Dental Services


One of our founding principles focuses on preventive care. Along with routine cleanings, sealants are one of the best ways to prevent future dental problems. Sealants are a painless procedure where a clear coating is placed on the chewing surface of the back teeth. This clear coat helps fill in deep grooves to prevent the accumulation of cavity causing plaque and bacteria. 

We know that life happens and it can be hard to be sure your child brushes 2x day for 2 full minutes with perfect technique. By having your child’s teeth sealed, the surface needing cleaned becomes less technique sensitive. 

We use the top dental products for our sealants. We take special care reviewing the ingredients to ensure everything we place in your child’s mouth is BPA and HEMA free. 

Routine Cleanings

Children just like adults should be placed on a routine cleaning schedule. For most children this means we will see them every 6 months. At this visit we will clean your child’s teeth, take appropriate x-rays, evaluate for future orthodontic needs, do a thorough head and neck exam as well as check for cavities. 

Restorative Needs

We strive to prevent cavities, but in the event your child would need more extensive dental work, we are prepared!  Most children are able to tolerate restorative appointments if treated like children. Our approach to fillings on a child is much different than with an adult. We schedule extra time so we can fully explain and show our supplies and instruments to your child. We find that when children know what we are doing in simple terms they are less frightened by the experience. We love seeing our patients walk away smiling and excited for our prize box!

Emergency Needs

Children just like life are unpredictable. Emergencies happen and we are prepared! Trips, falls and sports can cause chipped, loose or dislodged teeth. We have different techniques to fix these accidents but the best part… our doctors live 2 minutes from the office so they are usually available for after hours emergencies!  We know most emergencies do not happen between 9:00-4:00, and we are here to help.