Story Behind Our Name

Dr. Geary and Dr. Eckdahl have teamed up to create Red Rose Dentistry. When deciding on a name for the office, it became clear that a story from Dr. Eckdahl’s childhood would inspire our office in more aspects than just a name.

Dr. Eckdahl’s grandparents grew up with very little. They were married as teenagers and worked incredibly hard to be able to own their own house. Her grandmother’s main wish was to have a small rose garden. Every morning her grandfather would go outside and cut his wife a fresh rose to give her with breakfast. He did this for her until the day she passed away, even when she had lost most of her memory.

The rose gave Dr. Eckdahl’s grandmother a spark of joy and a feeling of love every morning. We hope to give our patients feelings of love, loyalty and trust every time we see them.

Dr. Eckdahl’s grandmother passed away when Dr. Eckdahl was half way through dental school. Dr. Eckdahl and her husband along with her parents have now adopted their own traditions around roses. Even though her grandmother was never able to see Dr. Eckdahl graduate, her family’s legacy of dedication and love lives on through our office name and philosophy.  

Dr. Eckdahl's Mother and Grandparents With Their Rose Bushes
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