Advanced Preventive Care

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In Advanced Care

At your first visit, we will evaluate your periodontal status. This means we thoroughly check your bone levels and tissue health around your teeth to see what level of cleaning is best for you. We group our patients into two groups, routine preventive care group and advanced preventive care group. 

Our Advanced Preventive Care is sometimes referred to as “deep cleanings”, scaling and root planing and periodontal maintenance. 

For our patients who have periodontal disease we formulate a customized advanced care plan. These plans can include the following:

  • Scaling and Root Planing– Deep cleanings targeted to different areas of the mouth with the use of anesthetic. Performing this treatment for the entire mouth usually takes 2 appointments. 
  • Cleanings Every 3 Months– Certain patients may need to see us every 3 months to help control plaque and calculus formation. Doing more frequent cleanings can help avoid the need for Scaling and Root Planing. 
  • Tissue Grafting– A Procedure done to bulk up or replace missing gingival tissue due to recession or trauma.
  • Specialty Referral– In some advanced cases we partner your care with a local periodontal specialist. They may recommend different procedures that we are not able to do in our office. We work closely with these specialist to ensure you are continually treated with the same philosophy as our office. 

Dr. Eckdahl & Dr. Geary along with our hygiene team are here to develop a unique treatment regimen that fits your specific dental needs.