Routine Preventive Care

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in Routine Care

At Red Rose Dentistry we take great pride in helping our patients maintain their oral health to avoid unnecessary future dental work.  At your first visit we will evaluate your periodontal status. This means we thoroughly check your bone levels and tissue health to see what level of cleaning is best for you. We group our patients into two groups, routine preventive group and advanced preventive group.

Our routine preventive care program is sometimes referred to as a prophy or “cleaning”. Patients who fall into this category generally have decent periodontal health and are schedule to see us every 6 months. During these visits we take necessary x-rays, thoroughly clean and polish all the teeth, check for changes in bone levels and gum recession, perform a thorough oral cancer exam as well as a dental exam with one of our doctors. 

Every 6 months when we see our routine preventive care patients we always evaluate to ensure their periodontal status has not changed.  If we notice more bone loss or gum issues we may increase the frequency of visits from 6 months to 4 months or we may recommend some advanced preventive treatments

Dr. Eckdahl & Dr. Geary along with our team of hygienists are here to ensure you maintain beautiful healthy teeth for a lifetime.